Payment of Gratuity  
Form 'A'
Notice of opening
Form 'B'
Notice of change
Form 'C'
Notice of closure
Form 'F'
Form 'G'
Fresh Nomination
Form 'H'
Modification of nomination
Form 'I’
Application of gratuity by an employee
Form 'J'
Application for gratuity by a nominee
Form 'K'
Application for gratuity by a legal heir
Form 'L'
Notice for payment of gratuity
Form 'M'
Notice rejecting claim for payment of gratuity
Form 'N'
Application for direction
Form 'O'
Notice for appearance before the controlling authority
Form 'P'
Form 'Q'
Particulars of application under section 7
Form 'R '
Notice for payment of gratuity
Form 'S'
Notice for payment of gratuity as determined by Appellate Authority
Form ‘T’
Application for recovery of gratuity
Form ‘U’
Abstract of the Act and Rules

Employees Provident Fund    
Form No.
Time Frame
Para No. of EPF Scheme
Declaration Form by Employee 2 On Demand 33
Preparation of Contribution Cards by Employer (prepared and kept but filed with RPFC when employee leaves the scheme)
3A Prepared Monthly and filed at least yearly 35
Deposit Contributions and Administration Charges Separately
Challan 15th of following Month 38
Details of Employees qualifying to become members of scheme
5 with Form 2

15 days from close of month

Particulars of Ownership of Employer i.e. details of branches etc.
5A Within 15 days of any change 36A
Consolidated Return at Commencement of Scheme
9 Within 15 days 36(1)
Return of Members Leaving Service 10 Within 15 days of close of Month 36(2)(b)
Monthly Abstract showing aggregate recoveries made
12 & 12A of EP Scheme 25 days of close of month 38(2)
Consolidated Annual Contribution Statement 6A
By April 30, i.e. within one month of close of period of currency
Submission of Contribution Cards to RPFC 6
By March 31 and within 20 days of the close of the month when an employee leaves the service
Details of Recoveries made by Contractor submitted to Principal Employer
Copy of Form 12 & names. By 7th of the month 36B
Application for Transfer of EPF a/c 13 Within 15 days of close of Month 57
Claim of P. F. Dues by Adult Member 19
After 60 days of leaving service & leaving the scheme
Claim of P. F. Dues by Minor Nominee 20 - do - 69
Application for Advance 31 - -
Service Tax